In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the architecture program at the American University of Beirut, Kite has developed the visual language for the event series that marked the year 2018 together with all the design collaterals.

Various tasks came along in order to conceive the branding of such an important milestone that commemorates 980 Architecture alumni. First and foremost, Kite helped out in organizing the archival content and images of the 50 graduating classes that were later featured within the yearbook publication. A symposium, featuring two roundtables, was presented by Architecture alumni who were eager to share their experiences and highlight the changes that occurred on the level of the program across the years. Following the symposium, a compilation of the alumni’s works were showcased during the prime exhibition. Hence, another publication was also conceived to reflect on the exhibition itself as well as the depicted projects. In order to introduce the prime events, a series of invites, digital communication, social media posts, posters as well as banners were designed.
Last but not least, the entire gala dinner event was also branded with its own visuals and collateral material such as the menu, invites, banners and presentation.


The conceived identity reflects on architectural components through the use of three dimensional as well as perspectival visual treatments. The Arch 50 logo, marked by the visible slants that steadily connect the letters together, connotes the prominence of perspective within the architectural realm and reflects on the concept of construction. The logo’s compact configuration allowed for the creation of a shorter version of the latter.

Owing it to the various applications of the identity, a thorough yet wide type palette was developed in order to differentiate between communication (i.e banners, social media, e-invite etc…) and publication as well as create distinct typographic textures.

Co-creative direction:
Ahmad Gharbieh

Yearbook Editors:
Abir Eltayeb & Aram Yeretzian

Exhibition Curators and Editors:
Abir Eltayeb & Mustapha Jundi

Exhibition Design:
Gaith Abi Ghanem & Jad Melki

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October 2018