BMB is a global leader in Information and Communication Technology covering the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant. The company offers a wide range of services such as networking, enterprise content management and mobility solutions. 

Our analysis for today's market needs led us to develop a new brand strategy for BMB in purpose of reflecting its continuous success. Many ideation sessions were held to depict few weaknesses - out of BMB's scope of awareness - and address them. Due to the growing complexity of the ICT industry, BMB's diverse services, partnerships as well as its expansion were represented by intricate means leaving the company's anatomy complicated for the consumer to understand.

The strategy exercise called for a new brand architecture, which resulted in restructuring BMB's several divisions, services and branches, as well as formulating new descriptive names for each business unit. REACH became the new descriptor for the Enterprise Networking division, MOVE was adopted by Enterprise Mobility Solutions and DIRECT became the preferred naming for Enterprise Content Management.

While aligning all services across the company's divisions, we crafted new brand values and a brand promise that highlight BMB's commitment to its target audience - enterprises, partners, and internal team- through a visionary, informative, methodical and genuine offering.

We also set up brand personality attributes revolving around human-centred intelligence and established a brand identity reflective of the latter. The new logo is composed of a mark and a logotype. The mark is visibly a combination between the letter B and a rotated lowercase M. It also represents connectivity as well as technological and human networks. A typographic palette, a photographic style and a series of visual elements complete the visual system and allow for diversity within a consistent and dynamic scheme.

October 2013