An annual program and a rotation of debut collections, Starch Foundation hosts four to six young designers for an entire year, providing a space, in Saifi, Beirut, for the launching of their new products. 

Among the designers chosen for the 2012|2013 season was Sevag Dilsizian whose 20 years of experience in the jewelry design field beared fruit to an innovative product line of rings under the brand name DAS.

Kite created the strategy for the brand by elaborating the positioning of both the designer Sevag Dilsizian and his work. We identified models of representation ranging from value to personality. The process took us through the formal exploration of his methodology and the intangible thought sequence that inspired his creations. Based on the designer’s particular process, and through the detailing and layering in each piece, we conceived a monogram and identity for Das.

October 2012