We shift perceptions by positioning design and communication as problem solving tools that empower people and ideas. We develop branding and communication strategies that allow for the relaying of narratives with a lasting impact. We build brands through informing their personalities and express them through unique visual narratives. Based on a methodological process, we develop comprehensive identity systems that creatively address culture, audience, context, media and applications.

How to reach us?

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We conceive: Strategies, identities, systems, publications, books, exhibitions, posters, signage, and packaging.

Brand Strategy
Whether introducing a startup or uplifting an existing brand, we at Kite trust in the strategic process of bridging gaps between ideas and solutions. Our design process begins with a set of metrics defined by culture and market investigation, design audits, and brand positioning within comprehensive target groups. To accurately address our own creative-thinking methods, we integrate a variety of research processes that include identifying society needs, competition, and market dynamics. Collectively, this allows us to set ascending targets, forecast trends, and create distinct experiences. The outcome is a solid support for any business plan combined with a firm content and design concept basis. This practice positions design as a brand frontier, uncovering product and service key characteristics, a process that both business representatives and their audiences will benefit from. At this initial stage, we achieve a full understanding of your objectives and capabilities within an active framework of ethical considerations, and we participate in decision-making processes to ensure creative solutions and a sustainable ecosystem for brands.

Brand Identity
Lengthily rooted in the brand strategy, we seek solutions to create brand identities that allow for the communication of values such that they leave a lasting impact. Our process is informed by a thorough understanding of—and reflection upon—design tools; Language, image, typography, color, and material are essential means of conveying ideas. However, it is only through particular attention to details, and constant exploration of new means of expression, that we create strong relationships between form and function—identities with an authentic essence.

Brand Implementation As an extension of identity design, we transform the visual language created into a spectrum of applications across pertinent media and formats. To ensure the functionality of each communication item, we conduct a thorough contextual analysis for the design devices, producing a system that performs as a coherent yet flexible scheme. To ensure that the final products are satisfactory to both our clients and us, we provide print and production coordination services. Our design team provides expert guidance regarding print formats and material usage, following up all throughout the production process to guarantee optimum quality results.