Margherita pizzeria del quartiere dal 1959 is the perfect meeting place that combines authentically exquisite Neapolitan food prepared with superior ingredients while offering a cozy seating that puts everyone at ease.

Owing it to the continuous expansions on both the local and regional scenes, Margherita approached kite to design their delivery line and new private label. We then
re-introduced the idea and initial concept of Margherita in purpose of enhancing its structure across branches and uncovering new territories to constantly expand the business. We also reconsidered the brand positioning through an extensive exercise of strategy that not only lead us to design these new systems, but also brought new elements unto the identity.

A reduced version of the monogram and typographic lock-up were proposed in order to facilitate reproduction and establish the packaging sets in a dynamic way while retaining the simplicity and spontaneity attributes of the brand.

July 2015