Nazira is recognized for its excellence and is a pioneer in personalized catering services.

Chef Nazira has been creating enhanced gastronomic journeys by sharing her inventive cooking skills and succulent oeuvres with food romantics for the past 40 years. The strategy developed by Kite aimed at strengthening the brand essence by communicating its rich and bountiful history while appealing to a youthful audience. Kite re-addressed Nazira’s communication strategy to include diverse channels in order to increase the brand awareness. This exercise not only allowed us to position Nazira by defining her delectable, rooted guenuine and originative personality, but it also informed and guided the brand identity process later on. The brand identity conceived revives the name of the brand while representing the chefs’ inventive and artistic approach and still reflecting upon the composed and traditional essence of the brand.

May 2018

Photos: Cynthia Bitar and Kite Creative