Born out of the immense hospitality culture of Beirut, where the table and family are one, is Sawa — a Lebanese restaurant located in Brooklyn, NYC.

Kite undertook a comprehensive strategic exercise to position the brand as a welcoming yet refined space - closely examining the brand's positioning within the broader landscape of Middle Eastern, Levantine, & Mediterranean cuisine establishments in Brooklyn and across New York City.

The strategy adopted aims avoiding approaches suggestive of cultural appropriation, but rather a genuine, convivial, fresh, & artisanal brand persona.

Named by Kite, Sawa - Arabic for ‘together’ - is visualized through an abstracted Arabic calligram - adopting a rounded enclosed form, reflective of the meaning of the brand name. Paired with refined serif Latin letters, the full mark conveys the brand’s authentic experience whilst fitting for its NYC setting.

The featured applications are conceptual representations used to envision the visual brand identity.

April 2024

Slideshow photos and signage: @sawa_nyc