Since 1975 Sibline has been a key players in the Lebanese cement industry. Owing to key acquisitions in 2013, Sibline decided to expand in order to serve the needs of the construction field more effectively.

Kite was assigned to prepare the new business units for their future launch by re-addressing the brand identity of the group and equipping the new divisions with the needed communication material. The Brand was first audited by Meacomm, that proposed to Sibline a go-to-market strategy. Meacomm’s strategy suggested to replace the previously used brand name “Ciment de Sibline” by its actual appellation, since in addition to its existing divisions of Cement and Readymix, Sibline launched two new business entities providing construction materials: Lightweight Construction Solutions and Construction Chemicals. In line with this decision and the new proposed strategy, Kite researched further a potential brand positioning and developed the new brand architecture.

The logo was developed based on the Glocal and functional brand attributes. By studying the anatomy of the letter “S" in Latin and in Arabic, the sketches explored the abstraction of these letters and led to create an emblem representative of the enterprise while being at once bold and dynamic. The final result also suggests the notions of construction and building materials represented through the blocks designed to perfectly fit together and create a harmonious unit that reads in both its positive and counter form.

A well articulated identity system was created to allow for differentiation between the main divisions and their offerings. An extensive colour palette in addition to a wide library of visual element were conceived to facilitate the repartition of products into families and cater for a clear communication scheme. Thus, a clear brand architecture.

September 2014