With a franchise in London, the brand identity adaptation of the Lebanese Bakery was strategically conceived in a way that is reminiscent in feel to the original identity created employing a condensed Latin logotype as a main element while the Arabic version is still very much present in the identity as a signature.

February 2018

The Lebanese Bakery delivers classic flavors and original combinations to the neighborhood and beyond, with a fine selection of manakish, kaak and other pastries.

The identity consists of a hand-drawn and traditional Arabic logotype applied on various crafts resulting in a warm and charming functional house style scheme. The overall feel solicits the attention and induces passer-by to soak the history and culture of Beirut not only through the food that the Lebanese Bakery serves but also through the delightfulness that the brand identity emits in line with the welcoming architecture.

Photos © The Lebanese Bakery UK.