In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Architecture program at the American University of Beirut, Kite developed the visual language for the event series that marked the year 2018 together with all the design collaterals. 


The yearbook, spanning from the year 1968 to 2018, showcases fifty years of people, events, and department life. In order to feature fifty years within a compact storyline, a meticulous system was conceived. The grid is based on four overlapping and continuous timelines. The first two, located in the center of the page, showcase the students, faculty members and staff, as well as photographs from the department life laid out in an axonometric projection. The other two timelines, positioned on the top and bottom of each page, represent the faculty, chairs and University presidents as well as events and activities across the years.

The exhibition catalogue along with the exhibition space design follow a distinctive mapping system that connects the different practice fields of graduate students. The graduate works are set against a data visualization that depicts the wide range of the various alumni practices.

>> Check out the full branding of AUB Architecture 50th anniversary

October 2018