Dar Khawla, a heritage building in Beirut, was repurposed by the family of the late Khawla Rizk into an art and leisure hub in her honor.

Dar Khawla serves as a central hub hosting various establishments across its multiple levels, including a coffee shop, artisanal store, fabrica design platform, an art gallery, and rooftop lounge. Additionally, the top floor features traditionally furnished apartments under the Dar Khawla name.

Kite conceived an identity that harmonizes Dar Khawla’s heritage ambiance with contemporary charm. The logotype, predominantly highlighting "Khawla" in Naskh-based Arabic lettering, incorporates delicate Arabic diacritics to infuse playfulness and authenticity, whilst blending with the subtle “Dar”. 

Extending to digital applications, the identity employs a rustic yet vibrant color scheme inspired by the building’s traditional terracotta tiles and green Lebanese wooden windows. The type palette combines traditional Arabic Naskh with modern sans-serif and serif typefaces, reflecting Dar Khawla's authentic yet diverse character.

May 2024